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2020 Jan Update

Didnt go as well as i expected due to the nCOV outbreak. Readers of my blog will know that i am quite bullish on REITs of the chinese market. Not such a good start to the year of the rat!
I bought into Sassuer REIT mid December last year thinking that it is a keeper ( I had that reit a few months a go but i sold it after it appreciated close to 20%). Well it was, until the nCOV infection accelerated throughout China. The impact was Sassuer had to temporarily closed down all 4 of its malls for an unknown duration till the whole thing stabilize. Another of my China focused REIT, the Capita Retail China Trust, a long time darling of mine, had the same fate, but not as bad as Sassuer. 
In the end, i cut lose on Sassuer, and decided to divest CRCT and FEHT as well. Hospitality , and airline stocks are always the hardest hit when it pandemic hit. I also divested Valuetronics as well. 
Now, suddenly i have a war chest close to 120k SGD, which im not very used to as im always almost 95% vest…

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