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                                   [Repost due to Title Error] Hi, how's everyone? Are you struggling to keep your head above the water amidst the turmoil in the market? Are you overwhelmed with all the negativity surrounding us right now?  Are you planning to do anything to your portfolio? Like liquidating all of it/cutting lost and hope to get it at its lowest? For me, I am not planning to do anything about it. I am actually quite happy about the little crisis that the banks are having now. One reason is that this may actually help to slow down interest rate increase or even influence the FED to pivot which is going to be very helpful to the REITs and also helpful to my real estate business. Another reason why I am not too worried about what's going on now is because I feel that if the world knows a crisis is coming, then it's not really a crisis. It's like a ship's captain spotting an ice berg in front but choose to go full steam ahead at it instead of trying to

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