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  Have you all seen this article about Chris Hemsworth deciding to take a career break after finding out that he has a much higher risk of getting Alzheimer's disease? CNA I actually did a test 2 years ago and found out that I have a copy of the APOE4 genetic mutation. According to the report, I have 3 x higher risk than the general population. Chris Hemsworth has 2 copies of the mutation, not sure how many times would that be.                                                                When I saw the article, it reaffirms my decision why I decided to FIRE. Well of coz I am no Thor(in terms of wealth, success and looks LOL), but we are all human. Nobody knows what's going to happen in the future. This can happen to anyone of us, even the rich and famous. Of coz if working brings you joy, then that's a totally different story. "While the actor said he is more comfortable about turning down projects, he is by no means retiring and is simply taking "a more curated

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