I accepted the new job offer!


Alright, this is it. I succumbed to temptation. It will be a little silly of me if I turn down the 40% uplift.
Finally nailed down the contract. Signed, sealed and delivered. I mentioned back in July that I had a new job offer. Finally agreed on the T&Cs/package and got the contract last week. Exciting times ahead but it will still be a while before I join the new company as I have a relatively long notice period.

Took a while to think through this move as my current role as what my friends would say is a "dream job". However, I didnt think it will be sustainable in the long run as I am "artificially" put into a junior role.

Eventually I will be asked to get out of this extremely comfy cocoon, at the next level, this will involve alot of stakeholders management across the whole world which I really hated when I was in similar position previously.


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    1. any tips to how to move from a non-managerial position to PM function? do you have any MBA, PMI or PM related certication?
      the reason why i am asking is i's also in the O&G , but from a proj engineering function.

    2. Thanks! When I saw your comment, I got so excited and immediately replied! I just clicked into your blog and saw your last post back in 2017 talking about the middle east. That year marked the first time I went to middle east for projects.

      Yes, I have PMP and also an EMBA. I actually got into project management back in 2019. I think the PMP might have helped me when I was given my first opportunity as a PM. The EMBA gave it a little more boost as it breach the gap between engineering and the commercial world. I took a step back this year as I just wanna take it slow and went back to an engineer-role.

    3. thanks for sharing.. i am currently doing my MBA. hopefully, will open more doors after i grad.
      yea, kinda gotten lazy to update.. as i was kinda all over the world, for work, Africa even. . but tbh i dont see that translated for any monetary increment though, to be honest. i think only by going into managerial will have that increment like yours. mine has just plateaued for the longest time ever. abit pathetic if you think about it. hah

    4. No problem! Happy to share! i am not very sure which segment of the oil industry are you in but i saw a picture from your blog showing a drilling tower. I assume you are in the drilling and exploration sector. I have only been to rigs a few times, but it's just to go there to take the chopper home. lol. I assume the amount you take home is highly dependent on the offshore allowance? Or are you a day rater.

      As an engineer, salary is range bound by the grade. If you dont go up further , you cannot break through. Can only depend on the travel/offshore allowance. I had enough of going offshore back in 2019. Thus I grabbed the first opportunity that was available and never looked back.

  2. hmmz..just curious why would you want to go for this role when you mentioned you hated to manage stakeholder in your previous role? Temptation of the offer?

    1. My current role requires me to manage stakeholders as well, but in a smaller scale compared to my previous role. I weighed the pros and cons. The number of stakeholders for my new role is about the same as my current role, plus the offer is too attractive for me to reject. Everyone has a price I guessed.


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