I am all for supporting local brands (air purifier), but please dont take consumers as idiots.


Let's just call it the "Influencer" brand because their advertisement is everywhere on social media. So I wanted to buy 2 x air purifiers. Was thinking to support local brand.

Before I placed my order, I decided to check online, specifically Taobao. I dont mind paying 10-20 percent more if the manual is in english, the power plug changed to suit our 3 point sockets.

Lo and behold, Taobao is selling the same purifier.

It is going for 126 dollars with 3 filters and air freight. If we choose the sea freight option, it's 110 dollars.

Whereas if I buy the local re labelled brand. We will be paying 250 dollars after a "massive" 50% festive discount. Add on filter is 65 per piece. . All in all, it will be 380 dollars with 3 filters.

I cant even imagine their profit margin reaping off local consumers. Basically buying in bulk from China, put on their stinky brand and mark it up by 3x. Unscrupulous.

You have been warned! Pls do your due diligence before buying stuff from these local "influencers" brand. 


  1. IKEA air purifier at $99 and lower power consumption is 'good enough' for me though I also have old Samsungs that are working really well for many years. Most people don't need hospital grade Hepa filtration. For replacement filters I buy MERV12-13 filters (eg 3M brand) from Amazon and cut them to size.


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