2023 Sept Portfolio Update - Broke Below 7 Figure :(


Been a while since I last provided any updates on my portfolio. Broke below the magical 7 figure. Currently at around 892k SGD.

What this means is the portfolio has lost close to 30% value since Jul 2022 even though this year is my record year for dividend received. See previous post.

Long awaited recovery of China tech stock didnt come as China's post covid recovery lost steam. Geopolitical reasons are also hampering the recovery as well.

As for REITs, I am holding a big bag of US office REITs. The high interest rate and the American workers' preference to cling on to fully remote work arrangement didn't help. The consolation is, it does look like we are at the tail end of rate increase. I certainly hope so!


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    1. Nothing to hide as I'm not providing any advice or analysis. It's purely my own investment journey! I share the ups and downs!

  2. Hi HRI

    It can be a real bummer to see our portfolio value drop as we receive dividends. Its no different from withdrawing money from our savings, or maybe worse as the portfolio value drop can be larger than the dividend received.

    I have written something on this matter to say that maybe AK71 should also share on what his portfolio value is like when market is bad. Just sharing on the dividends collected does not quite give the full picture.

    You can see my thoughts here : https://t.me/CPF_Tree/2682

  3. Thanks for the comments. Did AK71 replied to you?


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