2022 Sept Portfolio Update


As of 5th of Oct, portfolio value is around 1.08m. As compared to the last update in September, portfolio has went down around 10.6% from 1.2m to 1.08m. However, I chose to retain 106k of sales proceeds instead of deploying back to the market. Thus, actual decline is around 1.8%. 

How's every one so far? Have you woken up yet from your September slumber? Haha.  We have 2 massive rally so far in the DJIA. Let's see if there will be a hat trick tonight to kick start October proper. 


  1. Hi. This is your 1 m port only? Your wife has another 1m port?

  2. It's just mine. Not sure about my wife. I hope she has another 1m portfolio! haha.

  3. You seemed to be averaging down Alibaba non stop. What is your total cost incurred for Alibaba vs latest market value?

    I would suggest you put limit on yourself (ie: max amount per issuer) to limit concentration risk.

    1. Haha, not exactly non stopped. Ive stopped. My average is around 100.4hkd. So ive lost around 25%. At 1 point of time, I was up 25 percent as well. I feel like I am speculating crypto.


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