Wake me up when september ends


Have you heard of this phrase before? If you google it, you will most likely find that it is a song from green day, an American rock band, Green day in the year 2005. It's a great song. If you have heard of it, we are most likely around the same age, but this is not a song recommendation post. 

I think everyone is reeling from the pains inflicted by the stock markets, well unless you are a shortist. My portfolio has not been spared as well though there are some bright spots. I am actually looking forward to the opening of Hong Kong. About time! Which means most likely China's reopening will be soon. Hong Kong has always been like a test balloon nowadays for mainland China. Well, at least that's my thoughts. 

Take heart that September is ending. As for some reason, the stock market tends to perform badly in September ( i didnt really dig for the details, but if you are curious, perhaps this is something you may want to look into!) thus this song is very appropriate for investors world wide.  Have a read of this article. It's from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, it's definitely not some dodgy source. It's interesting how the stock market follows a certain general broad pattern though investors are individual unique entity. Perhaps this is just a matter of self fulfilling prophecy. Ignoring the fact that there's indeed alot of negativities around us, why does September tend to be the worst month? Is it because alot of people subscribed to the belief that market tends to crash, that's why everyone sells it down, and then when it really crashes, people start to say " see, i told you so."

I am so looking forward to October!


  1. Hi it's me...it has been a while since I responded to your post...rest assure that I am reading all of them and at times itching to say something...but held back so that I do not became a real stalker on every single post of you :lol:

    I am not a fan of Greenday...I am more of Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boy and Back Street Boys eras which IMO sang real song vs all the hip hops and vulgarities that we have nowadays...you know what I mean :p

    My porfolio also sufferred lately...value dropped > 6 figures...I am not worry still since they are still paying dividend...that's why it's important to select solid company that pay consistent dividend...in fact I had been buying slowly with my war chest...some of them became attractive now.

    Time flies...we are into the last quarter of 2022...this year is really special for both of us...to be honest...I am still 50/50 whether I miss the corporate world or not as I am still at the prime of my carreer and my work is the in-thing in the market and in high demand....I did some soul searching on why I quit....I got burned out actually....so I probably need another few more months to heals...hopefully I found my motivation again...so I have not thrown away all my business attires yet...lol....in fact I already motivated by you and congrates for passing your exam....that inspired me to start looking at some professional training courses too to get myself upgraded while I "lepak" around....Hopefully it came in handy should I change my mind or look out for something else to do next :)

    1. hey! I was wondering where did you go or you went for a holidays or something! Haha. Frankly speaking I only heard of Duran Duran, pet shop boys songs when I started going to mambo nights at zouk. LOl. Love the songs! BSB was the in thing when I was in school. My gf back in JC loves them. HAHAHA.

      Indeed, this year is extremely special and I hope you are enjoying your life now more than when you were working. I am pretty sure if you wish to head back to work, your ex company will take you back without any qualms. I am glad that i am able to motivate you again! Have u used your skillsfuture? If not, this is a good time. And if you are not an NTUC member yet, go get it. You will get alot of discounts/rebates for courses and exams!

      To say the truth, people for our age, we dont suddenly turn lepak just because we stopped work. Our mindset is already moulded. Given a few more months, I am pretty sure u will be all ready to go!


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