Have you heard of Estate in Perpetuity in Singapore, besides the usual Freehold estate?

Thought of sharing something from the Real Estate Salesperson course that I found quite interesting. Estate in perpetuity is another type of freehold estate that is somewhat different from the usual freehold that most people know. I never knew! For practicing real estate salesperson now, does it make it a little more difficult to sell, or it's slightly cheaper than the usual freehold? Or it's the same? I mean, it's not like we have any mineral oil anywhere in Singapore. 

1. Freehold estate

The two types of freehold estates are as follows:

  • Estate in Fee Simple is a freehold estate and the owner can own it forever. It is also referred to as Grant in Fee Simple (GFS), Grant (GT) or Indenture (IND). It is the best form of freehold in that ownership is absolute without conditions. Suites@Newton and East Coast Residences are examples of Estate in Fee Simple properties.
  • Estate in Perpetuity is also a freehold estate and the owner can own it forever. It is also referred to as Statutory Land Grant (SLG). It is however subject to the terms under the State Lands Act. The terms include the rights of the State to have free access to land, take mineral oil and duty to maintain boundary marks. Oxley Tower in Robinson Road and the Peak@Balmeg in West Coast are examples of Estate in Perpetuity properties.
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You can read more here from the govt.


  1. Yup, but still subject to govt acquisition under Requisition of Resources Act & Emergency Essential Powers Act.

    For national development or national emergency situations.

    If compulsory acquisition occurs during property down cycle, then bang balls.


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