My previous post had a tiny surge in views

And I was surprised. It was just a post on what I missed now that I am not working. As a reader described it very appropriately, it's something frivolous and I do not disagree. It is indeed very frivolous! Haha. However I have my reasons for why I'm not missing the big items. 

Anyway, a connection on IG informed me that the post was pasted into a pretty popular Telegram chat. Thanks for letting me know! You know who you are! No wonder, there's a surge. A few of the readers mentioned that I should be missing my salary, CPF contributions  and identity in life. My replies to them can be found in the post

The thing is, before I quit my job, I have already considered all these monetary related stuff. The BIG items. I went into this journey with eyes wide open. I know I will not have my salary anymore, and my CPF contributions but I decided to push the button anyway. Frankly speaking, I do miss it in the first month when no money came into the bank account. 😆. I am only human. I did mention this in a previous post but i quickly moved on. This could be a good sign like what I replied to 1 of the readers. It could actually mean my plan is working. I can actually survive without working? I mean, I am still new in this journey. 5 years down the road, I could be reeling from this decision that I made in 2022, but as of now, I am happy where I am. Anyway I really didnt think about printers and stuff like that before I quit my job as it's really frivolous! And the good thing about frivolous things is, we can easily find free alternatives for them.

In the TG group, they were discussing that it's a very bold move on my side since I have 2 kids as well. However, I guessed they dont really read my blog and not aware that my my wife is working. So the family is not surviving on just my passive income. It's with salary from my wife + passive income. Singapore is expensive, but it is really not that bad to survive if you sort out your needs and wants. There are families of 5 who are living happily with an income of 5k. For friends who are discussing about me on Telegram, do support my blog to find out more about my journey! Dont just read snippets of it. Not going to have a full picture of my jouney. Perhaps you are more than ready to start your own FIRE, but you are unsure of the unknown. 

I have mentioned it many times as well. Everyone has your own rights to live the kind of life you want. If you love to work, that is cool. If working makes you happy, continue to work. If you dont like to work and dont have a passive income, but still dont want to have a job, that is not going to work unless you have rich parents or strike lottery or something.

The reason why I have a mindset like this is because Ive seen too many sudden death. People dying around my age. I dont want to have deathbed regrets. I dont want to work till I am 55 and suddenly kaput.  I want to slow down a bit, watch the world goes by, smell the flowers abit, play with the kids. Yeap, guessed I am abit of a romantic? Haha. 😝


  1. At 830 am, go to nearby coffeeshop near mrt / bus stop in your slippers & shorts. Slowly sip kopi & munch kaya toast. Look at the stressed or black or sad faces of those rushing to work. Guarantee to make your day lol.

    1. haha, no lah, I am sure the readers had great intention when they reminded me about what i should be missing since I am pretty new in this journey.

  2. Haha I love how your tongue-in-cheek post caused a little stir :D

    You alone know what is important for yourself and is aware of your actual situation. Strangers on the internet like me are just passing clouds :)

    1. haha it's really unintentional! It was really how i felt last week, i really missed having my work laptop for digital signing and also using office resource to print those random stuff that requires hard copies! I was like, ok great, this document needs a signature, then Im like ill do a digital one since i am so "advance", turns out I cant do it, so i was like ok, ill print it out, then i was like oh yeah, i dont have an office to go to. Haha.


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