Going into 3rd month of FIRE life

Woo, time flies! I am starting the 3rd month of my FIRE life. Do I miss work? Nope. Do I miss my colleagues? Definitely not. Do I miss the peak hour traffic? Nope. Well, I do miss having a fixed income and complimentary health care that's for sure. 

Quite a few people asked me how is it like to be jobless? How am i adjusting to life? Frankly speaking how much adjustment do you need to not work? I didn't need much adjustment, I was made to not work. LOL. It's like fish in water. 

For the first month of my FIRE life, I basically spent most of the time working out and also hiking around Singapore with a friend who was having his final month of study break. Just when I thought things will start to slow down going into August, I was informed that I got an exam slot for the RES course on 20th of Aug. So ended up studying for 2 weeks going into the Exam severely under prepared. Sadly, don't think I will pass. Hopefully I get at least 1 paper out of the way. 

Then finally the exam is done and my boy decided to fall sick and was unable to go to school for the past 10 days or so, coupled with school closures. Now, here I am, already in my 3rd month. 

I also started an IG account. I feel very old in that platform. All the early 20s, late teens already talking about FIRE and all. Very discipline! When I was that, all I was thinking about was to go clubbing, to zouk mambo jambo, mdm wong and newsroom bar. Yes, I am that old. That street has been totally revamped. 

I am falling behind in terms of my work out. It's supposed to be an everyday thing. Did not happen.

Well, such is life. Things can deviate from plan and it all depends on how we maneuver around and make the best of it.

Here's to a slower 3rd month. 


  1. Hi, it's me....I feel for you bro...I am into my first week of RE and I am exactly the same...didn't miss anything except the pay at the end of this month...I am now still in the mood of not working...completely 放空 and don't want to think about anything except watching Youtube while surfing internet and monitoring my portfolios :p

    Sorry to hear about your kid, hope he has speedy recovery.

    Talking about 20s...my time was Fire, Europa and Sparks....the best disco theque I ever been was Stardust at Jakarta....cheep and good...and plenty of girl we can hooked up (this one can be censored if inappropriate :p)....wify didn't (or choose not to) believe me when we chat about our wild past and my kid doesn't even know what was those...maybe I will bring her to one of this when she turns 18th lol.....imo those were valuable experience that made me smile whenever I looked back...see...I can even show off now in that topic :p

    1. hahah thanks man. The kid is good now, but wife and I kenna food poisoning. Really unlucky but such is life. Well the good thing is, I dont really need to stress about work unlike my wife. Haha. You certainly had your fair share of partying! I actually never been to FIRE or sparks before. I only heard about it. It think it already closed down when I was of the clubbing age. During my time, the Mohamad sultan street + zouk were the hot ones.


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