Lifelong Learning and Skills Future Credits

Decided to take a break from the studying. Information overloaded. A friend recently commented that I love to study and I am the epitome of what the government wants. To continue to self upgrade and continue to learn. Frankly speaking, I dont really like to study, but I love exams. It's a weird thing. I mentioned this in a previous post.  For the last 3 years, I have completed an online Executive MBA and a Project Management Professional Certification. Whether or not it's been useful in my career, I will leave this to the next post. 

Currently, I am working on the property agent license which requires me to go for a real estate sales person exam which is like a condensed version of a diploma in building management. Do you know if you have related diploma or degree, you can just register for a license without going through the exams?  You should get it now before the government decided to take this free-pass away.  No harm having 1 property agent license isnt it? Even tom cruise has one

I paid for the PMP with the 1st round of skills future credits and also the RES course fee with the 2nd round of skills future credits  . Talking to people around me, they dont seem to be interested with utilising their skills future credits . Not sure why, perhaps they are too busy living their life. If you are reading this post, do look into utilising this free money from the government and take up a course that you like! It's 500 dollars. 不用白不用。 

No, this is not a paid post by the government, I am not at that calibre yet.  I just hope through my sharing, more will be able to learn something they have always been interested in but put off by the cost.

Have you utilized your credits? If no, why not? If yes, what course have you used it for? Happy to know!


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