I got my RES exam slot!

In my previous post, I mentioned that I didnt get my RES exam slot. They mentioned that they will contact me by 1st of Aug if there is a last minute slot.  Thus, from 2nd of Aug onwards, I was all prepared not to study at all and just take the time to learn how to cook, bring the kids out and do more HIIT. 

Alas, on 3rd August around 7pm, an email came to say I was given a slot.  It's really a mixed feeling. Basically I have around 2 weeks ( or less, with kids around, basically it is almost impossible) to study compared to the usual 6 weeks. Normally, candidates are informed way ahead of the exam. This time around, it's abit of a last minute thing. I am happy that now i stand a chance to just complete the exam ASAP and get the license but I am a little skeptical if i actually have the time to go memorize 1200 pages of notes.  I was thinking of rejecting it but I am worried that I will be penalized for the next exam slot.

For some reason, i am also quite excited. Exam never fazed me. In fact, in my entre life, I love exams. Not that I love to study. I hated it but I just love the feeling of acing the exam. Let's see if I can ace it this time.  When I saw the email, I turned around and told my wife that I got the slot, she was shocked as well. My first reply was " 是见证奇迹的时刻了“.  which means it's time to witness miracle. She laughed and said she hates the way I was never scared of exams, but frankly speaking I meant it as I don't really have much confidence this time. 

Wish me luck everyone! 


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