Why I invest in REITs and Throwbacks

I realised i first started this blog 6 years ago and i actually had a post that had 40x my average post view, and I didnt even know! 

This is like a throwback to how it all started for me investing in REITs. I wrote this page , allegedly 3 years ago based on the troll comment date at the bottom (haha, i actually forgot when i added the page).  As i read through the page, my skin was crawling a little. 

It is as if this is a self fulfilling prophecy.  In 1 of the paragraphs, I mentioned the risks that worried me if i were to buy a property for investment purposes. Fast forward to now, indeed there is a stay at home parent now, but it is not my wife. It is me! We have 2 kids now!

"What if our jobs become irrelevant? What if there is another major recession like the 2008 one? What if you have a baby and the wife prefers to become a SAHM? "

This is my exact feeling now quitting without a job to spend more time with the family, though i technically didnt lose my job, i chose to give up my job. 

" The truth is my dividend portfolio has been giving me constant performance and minimal worries, and i do not have to worry about servicing my loan if i lose my job."

I looked further down my blog entries and i found this! Now i feel like i am an oracle of my own life. haha! It's about a post on getting retrenched at age of 40. 

"At that moment i told myself within the next 7 years, before i turned 40, i want to have a monthly passive income that will allow me to live a simple/normal life even if i got retrenched and cannot find work for prolonged period of time. I need to at least triple my current portfolio to achieve that i think."

End of the day, I am happy I started on my investing journey and apparently i had clear plans for myself even though when i penned it down years ago, it is more of a lofty goal. I didnt even know that of myself! Whether or not I achieve it, at least i have embarked on the journey and not hentak kaki in 1 location.  If I can do it, so can you. As long as you start working on it. 

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