Retrenched at 40, what are you going to do about it.

Had a chat with my brother in law last night. He is close to 50. A very nice person but doesnt seem to have much luck at work in recent years. The office politics he described was really scary. I should really stop whining about my work place. My problems feel so minute compare to his.

He was telling me about this ex colleague of his has been unemployed for the last 9 months. Everyday he put on a charade. Wakes up, put on office wear, send his wife to work, and pretend to go to work. Has been on going for the last 9 months! And i thought this is something i will only see in a show! 

So, BIL commented that an employee is worthless in the eyes of the employer as soon as you are over 40. That's really sad, but i guess there are always 2 sides of the coins. Perhaps the ex colleague was just a farmer at work who doesnt contribute much, or maybe even a slacker. I dont know. I didnt ask. 

At that moment i told myself within the next 7 years, before i turned 40, i want to have a monthly passive income that will allow me to live a simple/normal life even if i got retrenched and cannot find work for prolonged period of time. I need to at least triple my current portfolio to achieve that i think.

What about you? What's your plan if you are over 40, and cant find work due to fierce competition from workers around this region.

Having said next post will be my thoughts on FT vs Singaporean Workers(Im a singaporean, im a worker)


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