Quiet Quitter - Are You 1 Of Them?


I am definitely 1 if the definition is based on the willingness to do more than what your job scope requires. I find serious flaw in this definition though.

If a Company is managed properly and everyone works as per their JD, I am sure no one would be required to work over and beyond their own responsibilities.

I will use a ship's management as an example since this is integral to what I do for the past 15 years (ok, maybe 14+ since I had a 9 months career break). There are many different roles on board a ship. From the Captain, Chief Mate, Chief Engineer and so on and so forth. Everyone's role is well defined and in a way Silo-ed. You wouldn't get a Chief Engineer trying to fill up a Captain's job or vice versa unless there's an event that rendered the person incapacitated . Even so, there's a hierachy, the person next in line will take over for the time being. You dont get people crossing job classes trying to do other people's job because "everyone is expected to do over and beyond what they should". The ship will not be able to sail efficiently like this. There's a reason why a certain role is hired, it's for them to do their job. Not for others to do it for them.

IMHO, management who wants everyone to not work in silos are just covering their own asses. Exploiting people who are willing to take on additional scope without being properly remunerated. (Disclaimer here though, it's good if it's for exposure purposes and and not taking over the entire accountability provided the employee wants that exposure.) Worse, if a co-worker isnt contributing productively at all but no action is done to actively correct their behaviors. These inefficiencies will fall on the other workers to pull up the slack, and if they are unwilling, they will be viewed as "not a team player and just working in silos". I view this as failure of the management.

Quiet quitters are not skivers. Totally different class of workers. We should stop having labels like everything else in the society nowadays.


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