My portfolio lost close to 240k SGD in value.


Almost a year since I made the decision to leave the corporate world in July 2022 to test out life after FIRE. I restarted full time work 3 months ago. Time truly flies when you slow down(contradictory, slow down and time flies?) and take stock of things that truly matters to you.

Someone was asking how is my investment doing. In dividends sense, it is not bad, however I have lost close to 240k SGD in value. What can I buy with that? I had a look online. A 3 room BTO flat in non prime area (for non Singaporean, our real estate is ridiculously pricey), or perhaps a 3 years old Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class GLE400 Coupe 4MATIC (so are our cars). Do I feel the pinch, of coz! I just lost an apartment/car.

Am I panicking? Not really. I realised I have a contrarian style of investing. Some say it is suicidal ( I dont disagree). That's why if you realised, I never ever give out financial advise or buy tips, or any form of analysis. What works for me, most probably dont work for most. I also do not wish to carry the guilt of making you losing sleep every night. Thus, I can never monetise blogging.

I am digressing abit, sometimes I wonder, for those who have successfully monetise their financial blogs/finstagram/youtube/tiktok/facebook, do they get more passive income from having the skill in investing or it's actually selling of courses/materials/products that makes them the money? If it's the latter, does it mean, what we should really learn is entrepreneurship know how, rather than learning how to invest? I mean..why pay when the internet has alot of free resources to start with?


  1. Hi Happy RI, $240k of unrealized losses is huge but nevertheless it is just a small dent considering this is a bear market.:)Your first half dividends number is absolutely impressive. Are you still regularly putting in money into the market or adopting a wait and see currently?

    1. hi! yes, definitely still putting in money as we go.


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