What irks you the most at work?


What's the most tiring thing about work to you? Is it the work it self, the commuting, the lack of work life balance, the lack of challenges, lack of opportunities or simply dealing with people?

To me, it has always been dealing with people that tires me out the most, especially people with HUGE ego.

That's why I had to buy this T shirt when I saw it. It created quite a laugh when I wore it to work.

I cannot be bothered discussing/arguing with people who always want to have the last say even though they are spewing nonsense most of the time. Now, I just let them have the last say right from the start as long as I am not accountable for their decisions.

It's actually quite liberating to be able to just concentrate on your own work and ignore all these noise.

What about you? What bothers you the most?


  1. Yup. Humans hard to deal with

  2. Hi, it's me....the no.1 problem for me is I need to be reachable 24x7 (even away on holiday)...and there is SLA on crisis...picture this....an event like DBS outage today....I need to return call within 1hr (if I am in swimming pool or sauna then hong kan liao)......fix the problem within 4 hrs (vendor fault also count) and to provide the post mortern report within 3 business days with assurance that it will not recurred.....so most of the time we say in hokkian"apply butter 抹牛油" when thing like this happened....you bet that I hated my phone so much that I hardly interested in mobile phone despite I always had the best and latest device.....thankfully those were the days and I slept so well the last 6 mths :)

    1. haha i know how u feel. I hated having to call in for daily updates during weekends/holidays. Even though it's only for 30-45mins, the entire morning prior to the call will be ruined. If there are issues on site, the whole weekend will be burnt. That was my life prior to my career break last year.


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