Feb and Mar 2023 Expenses


2nd day of work after 8 months of hiatus! I am already dreading it, but it's really not that bad. haha

I realized I didn't write about my Jan expenses, so this entry will have both Jan and Feb 2023. Jan's increase was mainly due to red packets given out during CNY.

Whereas for Feb expenses, I ramp up on the marketing cost for my real estate business, plus I splurge a little more(buying a new mobile phone) as I know my active income will be coming in soon. I guess this is what we call lifestyle creep, as we earn more, we tend to spend more.

After 9 months of just depending on passive income, I kinda realized I can survive pretty well with a 5k budget per month, so anything more is a bonus.

Since I restarted working, I should treat myself better isn't it? I kinda earned the rights to I think. 😊


  1. Hi HR Investor mate, busy with your new job? Much upheavals in the global markets over the past week. Look forward to your new postings when you have time. :)

    1. hey it's so coincidental that it's a little eerie! haha, i was just thinking of having a post about keeping calm and carry on in the midst of the "crisis" in the market, and I saw your comment coming in like in the next second! haha.

      Haha i havent been posting mainly because I dont know what to write about. Haha.

    2. whahaha.....coincident indeed....was just wondering whether you were too busy with your new work...so went to your blog to drop a note. :)


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