1st week of full time work

This post is a little delayed actually. It's already almost a month of work now! haha. 

I survived! So this is how full time work is like. haha, just kidding. I was fighting the temptation to install TEAMs and outlook on my phone. This is my own T&Cs, not to work outside of work hours unless someone is going to die if I dont get involve. If not, work can wait.

The biggest thing that I am really annoyed with is the traffic jam. I was caught in a massive jam for 75 mins (Non peak will take me 23 mins, peak normally takes me 35 mins) due the the heavy downpour and 2 accidents on the expressway! The feeling of helplessness, you cant filter out of the express way, so you just go with the flow. I have myself to blame for not checking on the traffic prior to heading into the expressway.

Another vehicle related saga. As there was a delay in my season parking in office, I had to park along the road side across the office if not my parking fee would be 30-40 dollars a day. 5 days of work, and almost 3 parking tickets.

I forgot to start my parking in the parking.sg twice. I got a warning for the first time, and was saved by the heavy downpour for the 2nd time, no warden came. I am so used to not having to pay for carpark as it's free for my previous work place.

On the next day, I received a ticket for parking past a certain time. So apparently motorist can only park at certain timing during certain days. I wasnt aware of that! I started my parking in the app, and it went through without warning. As I walked towards my car, I realised mine was the only car along an empty stretch of road. The sense of loneliness and despair.

I wrote to LTA to explain that I embraced technology by using the parking.sg app instead of using paper coupons and this is encouraged by the government. It doesnt make sense for a motorist to use an app which is supposed to know the cost of parking, when does paid parking starts and end, and what not, to also go and check the parking sign board. I input 9.5hrs in the app, money was paid but now you are telling me I actually cant park there past a certain timing. It's a little unfair to me. It's an honest mistake. LTA listened and gave me another warning and waived the ticket. Thanks LTA!

And that concludes my first work week!



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