Dividend Q1 2023


Hi! How's everyone! I haven't been posting much as I was busy with swapping my son from 1 school to another school. Another thing that I am busy with now are new property launches. Terra hill and Botany! I have been shuffling between the two showflats for the past 2 weeks. Lucky to be able to secure some appointments even though I didnt do any marketing for the 2 projects. 

Financial reporting is a wrap for now for all my stocks. I will be getting around $37,400 dividends within the next few months. Before anyone gets overly excited, most of my REITs paid out bi annually. How I wish it's 4x 37k!

Assuming the world's economy is already at the lowest, or near the lowest, projected 70-80k per annum dividend should be within grasp by the end of the year!

I will be dropping my SAHD title soon as I will be resuming full time work on the 1st of March!


  1. Wow great amount of dividends!!! Hope to reach half your level soon 😭🤣


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