My year 2022 in review and my hopes for 2023

Inspired by My 15 H WW, I thought of doing a review of 2022 and what I hope for in 2023. Sounds a little like new year resolutions which are meant to be broken. Well I hope not. Credits to My15HWW for the layout and template. 

Family and in general

2022 - Past 6 months were brilliant in terms of family time. I have alot more time to understand know my kids, my wife better. Yes, my wife even though I have known her for close to 20 years. Marriage and raising kids are always work in progress. I feel closer with my kids now especially my daughter. She used to stick to my wife like velcro tapes. Happy with the progress. 

2023 - 

  • To be consistent in terms of my responsibilities as a father/husband/son and not disappear all the time due to work. 
  • To subscribe to the positive aspects of the law of natural attractions. 


2022 - 1 of the KPIs after I quit my full time job back in July 2022 was to have regular exercise. Unfortunately that did not last for too long. As my main form of exercise is road biking, I started slacking off from Oct onwards as it was raining all the time. (yeap, blaming everyone else except for myself). However, I did manage to shed some weight (2-3 kg) by being more selective with my food and alcohol. I realized alcohol is my main weight gainer. Again , I failed to do a extensive annual health check up which I was doing up till 2020. I started annual health check up back in 2010. It's a pretty extensive 1 with at least 5 cancer markers. The doctor was always telling me back then "Aiya, you so young, you dont have to do it every year".  Ironically a decade later, I stopped doing it. 

Luckily I still keep up with my 6 monthly dental appointment.

2023 - 

  • Resume Annual Check Up
  • To cycle at least 40km per week
  • To cut down on Alcohol so that I have better sleep
  • Maintain my weight to be below 74kg


2022 - Drop in my networth due to 0 active income since Mid 2022 and also the global sell down of stocks. I am hopeful that 2023 will be a better year in terms of stocks growth. My portfolio is currently stuck between the range of 1.03m to 1.08m. 7 months ago, my China related stocks were battered (Alibaba, Tencent, CICT). I was pretty steadfast in my belief that recovery will come at the end of 2022. I was literally buying the dip every time Alibaba price shit its pants. Things seem brighter for the Chinese stocks now, with the recent news of more games approved for Tencent, Ant Financial gotten approval for funding, the sudden reversal of China's covid stance. It's great!

On the flip side, my covid brothers of REITS got hammered due to rising interest rates. Lack of clarity on WHT (which I find absurd. The REITS could have done better to educate investors). The new saga now is Manulife US REIT almost self imploded due to sharp valuation decline. It's gearing is now at 49%. 1 percent from breaching the limit of 50% imposed by MAS.  I was thinking to my self.." Sure or zun, just nice 1% shy of it". From Oct 2022 onwards, I stopped buying into Alibaba and focused on buying the dips of the Covid brothers. It's still a bloodshed looking at it now. Hopefully in 2023, we will see better days.

I start to realise I kinda have a contrarian mindset when it comes to investing.

2023 -

  • No major change for my portfolio. Will adjust accordingly to market situation if required. It's a very lazy portfolio approach.
  • To look at maximising the use of CPF. I have been talking about this for the longest time, but I didnt do anything about it


2022 - Stop full time work since July 2022. Been 6 months! Gotten my Realtor license in October. Managed to close 1 deal so far amidst this difficult condition. I guessed it's not bad for a rookie realtor? Haha. 

2023 -

  • Will most likely resume full time work in mid Feb. 
  • Real estate business to become a side hustle and active income will supplement the expenses of the business.
  • Revenue from business to reach 50% of active income. 

Social Life

2022 - As I grow older, I have lesser friends. I become more selective in who I want to meet up with. I count only 2 friends who I chat with almost on a daily basis and perhaps another 10 in a wider circle. Those I meet up maybe once a year. 

2023 -

  • To meet up with the 2 dear friends of mine whenever possible. 

Social Media

2022 - Was really active from July 2022 to Oct 2022. Things start to slow down when I started my real estate business. 

2023 -

  • Continue to provide updates of different aspects of my life when I move to a different stage of FIRE lifestyle, where I can afford to choose what I want to do. 

So this is me for 2022 and 2023. What about you?


  1.'s me....everything you wrote is applicable to me...hell yeah :p

    On the investment front...I didn't add more Baba when it was rock bottom last few mths as I "all in" too soon...can't buy's in 7 figures in HKD and my paper lost is 6 figures....I really freak out looking at it everytime :)...thankfully it's approaching to my break even cost soon...hopefully I can start counting profit after CNY if the rally ever coming.

    Instead I tripple down in the COVID bros (BTOU and OXMU) as well as AEM...hopefully their business and and their management don't play punk like Eagle....I believe when the dust is settled....the patiance would be rewarded :)

    In 2023....I hope it's true that "Things that come down must go up" :)

    1. alibaba 107 HKD liao.. :) Ah! U also have OXMU! I dont have Manulife.

  2. Nice post. Good to b connected


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