Forecasted Expenditure in 2023


Chinese has a saying "一年之计在于春 一天之计在于晨". Loosely translated by google as " A year's plan lies in the spring, a day's plan lies in the morning."

This definitely makes sense if we look at it in a project management perspective. Before we execute the project, we need to plan for it. Thus, the best time for personal planning is definitely during this period of time as most people are still in a prolonged period of holiday mood until the Lunar New Year Holidays is over, so things tend to be slower now.

By now, I am already quite familiar with my spending pattern as I have been diligently tracking it every day for the past 7 months. With my new active income coming in from Feb (or maybe March, I havent really decided when I will start), this is most likely how the money will be spent. Total of $16,700 per month, active and passive.

This is by no means a silo, as in life, nothing is certain except for death and taxes (which I have already carved out from last year's income), thus not considered in forecasted spending. I do hope more revenue from my real estate venture will start to come in from mid 2023 onwards though.

Out of the 7 categories, only business, transportation and insurance are pretty fixed. Thus, the cash/warchest amount will fluctuate accordingly.


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