Accepted a new job offer!


So, just like this, my RE life will be coming to and end in Mid Feb or maybe Mar. Still havent decided when I will start. However, I have accepted the offer as of yesterday.

In terms of role, the new job is a non managerial role and the number of stakeholders I have to manage is less than 10 compared to more than 20 in my previous role. As I grow older, I realised I prefer to work alone, the lesser people I interact with, the better. I recently learnt a new term, introvert hangover, and the cure for it is decompression after having too much social interaction. I dont identify myself as an introvert as I am known as a very good social butterfly but I do know that everytime I am home after a heavy social event, I will want to stay away from non family for a prolonged period of time. Maybe I am a closest introvert. Each day is a self discovering day!

In terms of job nature, the new role is behind the scene, no need of international travelling, no need of weekends and standbys which is great! I always hated having to take a call for work during weekends, even though it is scheduled for 15-30 mins in the afternoon, i will be brooding over it the entire morning until the call is done. I find it so disruptive to family life.

In terms of pay package, it is 9.4% lower than my previous role. However, if we considered the gap in side benefits, the difference is closer to 12 %. If I compare it to the declined offer, the difference is 21%! However, in my new job, I will have the capacity for a side hustle, aka my real estate business, that could possibly breach the difference and even more.

Being FI is great, as it affords you flexibility in terms of what you want to do in life. Putting my old , new job and declined offer side by side, I can see a significant mindset shift in terms of how I choose my job.

If it is me 6 years ago, I would have chosen the declined offer.

Before FI, i would prioritize remuneration package and role to decide whether or not to accept the offer.

After FI, job nature is what I look at in order to preserve the time I have with my family and the time I have to do my own things.

What do you look at when evaluating the next job offer?


  1. Congrats on getting a new job with less stress and still >$10k/mth. The number of days a week you can WFH would be an important consideration for me. I think at least once a week WFH would be good. My WFH day is for fitness training, like gym+swim.

    1. Thanks, the new offer has 2 days WFH per week. So that's a win~


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