I finally read my 1st book in years..


On days when I'm not on family duty, blogging, checking on my investment or out and about as a realtor, I spent alot of time surfing Tiktok. Haha, yeah to some it is a simply waste of time, but to me, it is quite a relaxing thing to do. I even bought a pack of Milo through TikTok Shop at 50% discount! The thing with TikTok and social media is, once you spent a considerable amount of time watching a certain genre of content, the algorithm will start to push similar contents to you.

There's this 周老师, who is like a Chinese version of Tony Robbins. I like watching his videos not because I am into self help stuff. The way he talks is extremely animated and comical and always does a summary of historical events and concludes the "morals of the story". So ill learn something new (though not in detailed) in 3 mins.

There's a series of talks he gave talking about "宇宙吸引法则“ . Basically saying if you want something, belive that you can achieve it and that it is already a fact that you have already achieved it. To say the truth, it sounded alot like BS to me but it is a good encouragement of some sorts. To me self help book and philosophies are like stating the obvious . Like "it's not good to be stressed, stress is bad for you. Focus your thoughts somewhere else". Like duhz, but it's just hard not to be stressed isnt it?

Within weeks, a friend of mine sent me a quote from the "Law of natural attraction" book and said maybe I should read this book since I am so free now. I was abit surprised with the coincidence.

I decided to read the book as it is easy to read. lol. The next one Ill read is the one recommended by @jcprojectfreedom

In a nut shell, what the book is saying is, whatever you think about, it will manifest into reality if you put alot of thoughts into it. Thus, if you constantly have negative thoughts, it will happen. It's abit like self fulfilling prophecies. If you think something is bad and not do anything about it, it will end up being bad as you have already decided that it is bad.

So for now, let's all think positive thoughts! Even if it doesnt work, it's still good to be positive!

Have you read this book before? Let me know your thoughts!


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