Dec 2022 Expenses and going from FIRE to FI?

Final day of 2022! Happy New Year everyone! Slight decrease in expenses compared to previous month.

2023 will be an exiting year for me as I deviate from FIRE to FI + Full Time Work (aligned with my lifestyle) + Side Hustle ( Real Estate Business).

Ill be able to see if my effort for my real estate business will come to fruition as the projects I was marketing since Oct start to launch. I am quietly optimistic about it.

On the full time work front, I will most likely accept the offer to start after CNY. I am seriously surprised that companies nowadays are actually quite receptive to "returners" who took a career break and prefer a career path that aligns with their personal planning.

I was called up for interviews with 2 other companies even though I was very upfront to them about my own "T&Cs". I was half expecting them to think that I am a slacker and ask me to get lost. Anyway, let's see how it goes!


  1. Happy New Year, to you. Just curious why do you say companies are receptive to folks who took career break and aligns with their personal planning? Would you include the side hustle of real estate in your own T&C with the new companies?

    1. Hi! Thanks for the well wishes. Yeah, i thought companies would not be interested in hiring people who went on career break as people may think that career breakers are people with baggage? I dont know, thats just my own thoughts. With regards to the side hustle of real estate, it will not be officially discussed, as long as it doesnt affect my work, I dont think anyone will bother much.


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