A Full Time Job Offer, Take It or Not?

I recently met up with an ex colleague for a drink. 3 years ago, I was the one who brought him into the company as he was already out of job for a year at that point of time.

I am happy that he did well and moved up the corporate ladder very fast.

During the meet up, he was casually asking if I am interested in taking on a full time job again, to which I told him I am open to it but it has to be aligned with what I want in my life. I told him my requirement which is 0 international travels, 0 OT, strictly local hours only and flexible WFH arrangement. I can make do with a non managerial position and a smaller pay package. I am not motivated in climbing the corporate ladder.

I was expecting him to drop the subject but instead he replied saying he can create a role to suit my personal requirement. He wasnt drunk at that point of time, so it is not beer talk. Now I have to live with the headache of giving the offer some thoughts. 

Let's see what offer comes back. If it's something that complements my lifestyle+ real estate business, then why not? FIRE is about doing something that you like isnt it? It doesnt have to be full retirement. Basically you have the FU money to decide the T&C of your next job.


  1. I just think it is a happy problem.
    You have more choices.
    However, if you have something you want to achieve in this period, like setting up another passive income vehicle, or being successful in your real estate business, then focus on it. You have not tried that long anyway.
    If not, having a less stressful job with steady income is not a bad thing. Provided you get what you asked for (things might change once you are in a job). As long as you are not extremely 'tang ping'. Just know your priorities. Ultimately, money is an enabler (esp. now you reached a certain level of passive income per month).

    1. Totally agreed. Why say no to more money if there's minimal stress and doesnt eat into my family time.

  2. Yeah, I think you should. Just to expand on this, u can consider asking if there is part time work like 50%. In the morning, u can send your kids to school and u work after that and knock off after lunch to pick them up.


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