Have you all seen this article about Chris Hemsworth deciding to take a career break after finding out that he has a much higher risk of getting Alzheimer's disease?

I actually did a test 2 years ago and found out that I have a copy of the APOE4 genetic mutation. According to the report, I have 3 x higher risk than the general population. Chris Hemsworth has 2 copies of the mutation, not sure how many times would that be.


When I saw the article, it reaffirms my decision why I decided to FIRE. Well of coz I am no Thor(in terms of wealth, success and looks LOL), but we are all human. Nobody knows what's going to happen in the future. This can happen to anyone of us, even the rich and famous.

Of coz if working brings you joy, then that's a totally different story.

"While the actor said he is more comfortable about turning down projects, he is by no means retiring and is simply taking "a more curated approach" to the jobs he takes on."

This is definitely my approach since I left the corporate world in July 2022. Fortunately I am still loving it and haven't lost any structure in my life nor my identity.


  1. Hi it's me...actually I think we can relate it to why are we born into this world? Do we live simple life to be happy or immerse in all the best gadgets, food and luxuries to feel happy? I guess the answer is it's diffirent for all individual and it will also evolves according to event and time.

    We call it FIRE because we get consumed by money and materials..imagine if we do not have all these lush and need...then everyone will be the same...we fish or hunt when hungry....we sleep anywhere when tired...of course that only happens in the script of Survival show or some undiscovered civilization...it's all down to money money money all the time:lol:

    For my journey to FIRE...I constantly asking do I need HDB, Condo or landed home? Driving a Lambo, Merc, Altis or OK with MRT? Deep down I admit I am talking cock because I already have most of the above and now I come to brain wash people that money is not everything... that looser mentality may helps to relief some stress on those under achiever but it is not useful at all...so my honest advice to people is to divide your life into 3 stages....spend 1/3 to learn and improve yourself...you need to work really hard to be anything you are good at....the next 1/3 is to work as hard as you can and earn as much as you can....that is where investment played a big part for me....I am not a super scientist or famous actor but I think I earn decent as an ordinary office worker...I am a big spender as well as I find it no point saving here and there and get regretted later....I generated much of my wealth through aggresive investment.....failure is not an option and thankfully it was postive most of the time and hence now I am enjoying the remaining 1/3 of my life not needing to worry about bread and butter anymore...so this is my life cycle story basically...FIRE? What? I fired my boss at the end :)


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