What a week! 6 digit commission flew out of the window.

I haven't been active on my blog/IG these few weeks as I was finally gaining momentum on my realtor business. Well, I was following up with this particular lead who was looking for a property for investment purposes. As I spoke to him, I realized he wasn't too sure on what he exactly wants, and also he isnt too savvy with money and investment for sure. I offered to give him some suggestions on how to go about maximizing his money. Let's call him Rich. 

For the two weeks, I was abit like his property/financial consultant. He will tell everyone whom we metat the showflat that the decision making lies on me. Which is weird as I was supposed to sell him a property, now,  I ended up going around to shop for a property for him.  If you are familiar with how viewing of showflat works, there is a tagger system, meaning another realtor who is specialized in that development will introduce how good the development is. The taggers ended up saying things like " you guys will like this property, because this this this, that that that." Or the tagger will look at me and say " What do you think?"

Whenever we were at the show flat, the comments that he provided are as if he wants the property for self stay. Though every time when we sit down and talk he will say " Hey HRI, this is for investment purposes, so we need to be focused on it." 

So 1 day, we sat down and I told him, why don't I find 1 that fits both purposes. Who knows when the property finally gets TOP, you will like it and you may actually keep it for yourself? He is not the first buyer who is like this, and certainly not the last. I guessed I would be the same.

In the end, I ended up with 2 properties on the list. 1 was a great fit, the other 1 was a superb fit. Great location, reputable developer, good psf, high floor, good finishing and spectacular view. I cant find anything bad about it except for the price, except that to him , it's affordable (lol). Anyway, long story short, after the visits to the 2 properties, I asked him which one does he prefer. He said he has no preference and he will trust my recommendation.  I told him to go back and discuss with the rest of the stakeholders involved. 

Shortly after we parted, he gave me a call and told me he wanted to increase his budget by 20 percent. I was like ahhh....ok. yeah sure. Why not? Let's go for the best we can find. In fact, he called me again and talked specifically about the 1 that was of superb fit and wanted me to start shortlisting the units. 

The 3rd call was however not that positive anymore. He told me his brother enquired with his friend who is also an agent. For the 2 weeks, rich has been telling me about this brother's dodgy agent. Oh well, dodgy agent struck again. He swopped in like a vulture and offered them with a ridiculous discount that is impossible and it's way higher than the commission of a realtor as well, basically telling them, let's sign a a deal now. So now the deal is put on hold to go through the motion of verifying what dodgy realtor said. I checked back with my team lead and it's apparently quite a common tactic from unethical realtors to stop buyers from buying a property so they still stand a chance to score. 

So I told Rich that if the deal is really that good, then it doesn't make sense to go with me, but to be careful not to be conned by dodgy agent. I extend my professionalism to him by telling him to check back with me on the final price quoted just in case dodgy agent didn't conveniently inflate the price just so to give them a BIG "discount".

I am definitely disappointed but on a positive note, I learnt a lot going around to the different show flats with him and to talk to those experience realtors. I cant say I've put in a lot of effort as it wasn't that difficult to me. The most difficult to me was to shortlist the units but we didn't get to that. We were supposed to do it but dodgy agent came into the picture. 

Story of my life for the past 2 weeks. What's yours? Hope yours went better than mine. 


  1. It looks like you were being very sincere to the potential buyer. Those things usually don't count for nothing. It will comeback to you in a surprising way.


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