Playground Review - Admiralty Park Playground

Credits to Mothership

All work but no play makes you a dull person, but I am not working anyway. 1 of the reasons why I decided to stop working is to spend more time with the kids. As a guy, I am really bad in playing with them at home, I get bored easily but I love brining them out to the playgrounds. Expose them to the sun, fresh air and more physical activities instead of watching tv and playing Ipad all day long.  Instead of talking about investment, money and finance everyday, let's talk about playtime! To be more specific, playtime for the kids. I am sure alot of readers have kids whose age are around mine. 

I recently brought them to a mega outdoor playground at Admiralty. It has to be the biggest outdoor playground I have ever seen. It's a pity as 1 of the major slides is still under maintenance.  We have been going there for the past 3 weeks, the kids dont get bored with it.  The highlight of the playground is this 25m long, 9m high twin slides.  It apparently had some negative news to it.  A woman was apparently badly injured and was flung out of the slide. There is a sign that states the slide is for 5-12 years old,  though Im not sure if the sign was put up after the incident. It's interesting in the sense that most adults that I spoke to couldnt slide down properly in the slide, maybe the woman had some special technique or something? I dont know! But A3 who is 4.5 years old had a blast. 

Oh, there was once a group of monkeys came and took over the playground with kids screaming and running away. That was really funny. The monkeys just swop in totally gangsters like. 

As our kids are early birds, we arrive at the playground before 10, it can get a little crowded by 11 and the crowd taper away around noon time as it gets really hot by then. If your kids love playground and the place is accessible to you, bring them there! You can easily spend at least 2 hrs there provided you have the stamina to catch up with the tiny ones. Personally I feel that the playground is more suitable for kids at least 3 years and above, it may be alittle too advance for kids younger than that and things can get a little rowdy with the older kids. There wasn't any queue for the long slide as well, perhaps it has lost its novelty since 2017.

If you have any suggestion for other good outdoor play areas for kids, do share as well!

Credits to Mothership

A3 having a go at the slide. 


  1. Hi It's me. I agreed with you. One more thing I highly recommend is to bring the kid to library...just soak in the atmosphere for a few hours while enjoying the aircon regularly...this is to cultivate their reading habits....I know it is not easy as kid behaviour can be unpredictable, but I strongly encourage parent to try ways to discover the topics that interest them...even the colorful comics or magazine is a good start....for bragging kid comleted nearly all the Rick Riordan, JK Rowling and even Agatha Christie series by the age of 7 and she was selected into GEP at P4....I knew that was because of her reading ability because she is not particularly shined in the regular subjects but she constantly hit top 3 in standard since study to her is piece of cake :p

    1. you are right, I should plan to bring them to the library as well. Let's see how they take to it.

  2. Do try out Play @ Heights Park at Toa Payoh. This one has water play area and giant sand pit as well. Its very crowded on weekends usually.


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