Expenses for July 2022

It's been a month since I left the corporate world "for good". I finally have data of a month of my expenses. I did a 10 days review previously and mentioned that I was spending more than usual due to more social gatherings and car servicing/repair.

Personal Bucket: Expenses purely on myself.

Common Bucket: Costs related to the kids/house which should be expensed under the lump sum fixed cost within the recurring fixed spending.

Recurring Fixed Cost: kids related, parents, insurance, house/car related.

Total Spending for month of July

Item A - Personal Bucket : SGD 792

Item B - Common Bucket: SGD 992.45

Item C - Total Spending (Recurring Fixed) for month of July: SGD : SGD 2432

Item D - Total Expenses : SGD 3224 (A+C)

Happy to see that my monthly expenses is below my expected dividend of SGD 5000 per month! I will continue to track my monthly expenses for now.


  1. The expenses include your wife? So should multiple by 2?

    1. Hi there, my wife is still working and her expenses is under her own account. Both of us contribute equal amount to the common bucket for family related expenses.

  2. Hi I am a tad confused. How is A+B = D? Just trying to understand how you are accounting it.

    1. Hahaha, it's totally my screw up. It's A+C, not A+b. Thanks for spotting that!


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