Increased position on Alibaba, CLCT and a few more

After my post on the 22nd of May, Here. Nope, i didnt sell off any of my growth stocks. I hope i am not turning into an hoarder! Need to learn to take profit. 

April and May have been an active month for me. Did a total of 10 purchases. 

I bought alot more Chinese stocks. If you have seen my past post, i am quite heavy on China. Exposure to China is around 40%. Will talk about 2 of the stocks here. 

1. Alibaba

Recently announced result that beat market's expectation. Numbers were not great, but expectation wasnt too high for the company as well. The price surged more than 10%  which is great. There's just so much negative news surrounding Alibaba. The big tech crackdown  unachievable 0 Covid policy of the Chinese govt, and of coz the potential delisting of ADR from the US stock exchange.  I am actually not too worried about the tech crackdown as that seems to be a change in stance from the Chinese Govt as they will need the big tech companies to power the stagnated growth of China due to never ending lockdown. I am still hoping Ant Finance will eventually get its IPO. Hopefully bro Ma gets his relationship sorted out with the CCP.  Also not too worried about the ADR delisting.  It doesnt really change the fundamentals of the Company and mine is from HKEX. 

I was also talking to my Chinese colleagues, they actually thought that lock downs may actually benefit Alibaba since there will be more demand for online shopping and food/groceries deliveries. They are also bullish with Alibaba. That gives me more assurance.

A pity Bro Munger decided to halve his shares on Baba, that kinda dampens the spirit a little but there are also reports of big fund houses increasing their position on Baba. This and This.

I do hope the CCP will loosen up in terms of covid regulation. It feels like the whole world has moved on except for them. They are 2 years behind everyone now. If what the CCP said is true that they need to open up slower if not there will be at least a million death due to Covid , then i applaud them for putting the peoples life first. However, they will need to weigh the pros and cons of lock downs.  Yes, you may save a million life from the vulnerable group, at what cost to the other groups of the population?  And i certainly hope their reason to continue with the 0 covid policy isto save life, and not because they dont want to "lose face" in the international arena, especially to the west. 

 Alibaba is currently around 17% of my total portfolio. 


CLCT is another Chinese stock that is around 17% of total portfolio. I have bought and purchased this share for a long time since 2014. Share price has been a little sluggish, again because of the 0 covid policy of the Chinese Govt. The good thing is they are diversifying into business and logistics parks which will provide some cushion to the retail sector. I have good confidence that the CCP will eventually find a way around this Covid issue as the people are getting frustrated and there is a big impact on economic growth. How to compete with the west if you keep locking down?  Pretty sure the govt realise it is through international trade that propelled their economy forward and not isolationism which is a mistake they made in the past.  


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