2022 May Update - Hitting the 1M Milestone!

Been a while! I am happy that i have finally achieved a million dollars portfolio milestone! Ive actually hit this milestone a few months ago but was just so busy with the kids and work. It doesnt look very nice with alot of red but there was broad market weakness for the past few months, so lets see how it goes. I think i need a better way to keep track of my stocks, anyone has any recommendation? 

I realised my singapore growth stocks are actually doing what they are doing! Which is great, whats even better is the stocks are also giving out decent dividends. I was collectin China tech and Telecom stocks recently as well. As you can see, i have quite a big chunk of Alibaba. The recent news of the CCP wanting to work together with the tech companies in order to spur china's growth will be very helpful for Alibaba and Tencent. SEa on the other hand, i will have to see what i want to do with it. 

As for crypto , i dont even want to look at it, it was speculative for me from day 1. When LUNA plunged, i wanted to capitalise on the dead cat rebound, too bad i didnt choose the correct entry point. For those who caught it at the very lowest point, good job! That would have made you around 1000x within 24 hrs! Imagine putting in 1000 SGD, you are suddenly a millionaire, provided you caught it at the lowest and sold it at the highest of the rebound. I also read a post from a blogger about losing 2m+ crypto profit. Ill still be crying if thats me. The couple is still very young, pretty sure they can bounds back soon! Unfortunately, when there's good news, there's bad news. 

I will be taking a career break ( or a career suicide as some may say) so that i can be in Singapore all the time. My work requires me to travel very often, unfortunately due to family reason, i cant do that anymore. For now, i will spend more time with kids and also take the time out to recalibrate and refocus my life and career. On the bright side, i realised if i can cap my monthly spending to around 4000 per month and barring any black swan event, i can technically "retire". A very tempting thought.


  1. Try Stocks Cafe.. It is a paid website that allows you to monitor all your trades and portfolio. Dividends are autogenerated and usually correct.

    1. Thanks. Was trying it. Haha need to key in all my transactions since 2014. Lets see. Thanks for the suggestion~

  2. Congrats! For having million$ portfolio...with the power of compound interest....I am sure you will have your next million soon! Cheers :D

  3. well done mate -congras on your 1st $M

  4. Hi. Just queries. Do you calculated how much money you have injected into this portfolio along the way? Just want to get a sense of it.

  5. That's a really good achievement given only 14 years into work and probably below 40 yo. surviving at SGD4K/mth is possible at present, but do project for inflation. That 4K/mth needs to constantly increase in order to maintain the same purchasing power of today. Cheers

  6. You could try Investingnote to keep track of your stocks. Its free

  7. Congrats to your milestone! Continue to update us on your life with family and realtor business

  8. Just curious! Is it you and your wife combined portfolio? Or it is your only?


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