2021 Mar Update

 Hello, and welcome. How's everyone? What a difference a year make! 1 year ago, Circuit Breaker(fondly known as CB in local context) was starting in Singapore. The world was in unchartered water. Never have we expected that 1 year later, we are still talking about Covid 19 and vaccination effort just started. 

The US stock market has recovered and made daily records, which is weird. Are we better off compared to 1 year ago pre-covid? I guess the stock market is a forward looking thing. People pay premium looking for hopes in the future. 

For me, i am starting to rebuild my portfolio as well. Hoping to make it 1mil dollars in a few months time. There is a big difference from my approach pre covid. I was almost 90% reit focused previously, but if you look at my portfolio now, they only made up around 29 percent . I have moved into the blue chips that have been lagging behind the recovery. I was early in the game for banks which i made quite a good profit out of it but have since slowly shaving it. 

Capitaland paid off as well when they announced the restructuring. Kepcorp is slowly recovering as well. Singtel is unfortunately not moving, but i think things will start looking better for them in the next financial report. 

On the crypto side of things, i havent been a steady investor. I was just punting along the way. If i have held ETH right from November last year, i would have gotten 4x profit. Alas, i didnt as i wasnt patient enough. I am just going to hold and forget. That seems like a better game plan for Crypto. 


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