2020 Apr Update

Currently holding close to 100% cash. About 500k in cash. Still have some position in oil funds though. Seems like quite a few bloggers are pretty bullish about the current share market rally. However, i have a pessimistic view though. 

1. The world is not out of the woods yet. The current quarter of financial results are only half bad as most of the world were not hit by covid19 until around March. 

2. The next Q will be serious blood letting. The DJIA if its still reflective of the whole worlds stock market trend, is inching up with diminishing volume. This is not a good sign. Moreover, it is very weird that the stock market goes higher with bad news, and rockets up with slightly good news. 

3. The drug from gilead is a treatment drug. It is not a vaccine. The pandemic is still going to spread and if the world is still going to fear it like how it is now, the worlds economy will still be wrecked until governments around the world decide to just take the covid as the new normal, and take it as another influenza. 

4. I recently found out about this buffett indicator. If you are interested, go read up. However, will it become a self fulfilling prophecy? I guess only time can tell. In anycase, stay safe everyone. Dont chase the sucker rally. If it is.


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