Yet another post on the DJIA crash last night

So, the trade deal didnt happen after all. China is playing hardball now. Wonder what is the ACE up their sleeves? Rare earth material? Treasuries Bills? US Companies in China? It's getting exciting. The more trump tweet, the more i feel that he is being insecure. All these tariffs talk about money going into his coffers and China paying for it, but most economists say it is the American consumers who will pay. Whoever import the goods from China will pay the tariff. 

The more the market falls, the happier i am actually. For those who follow my posts, i'm sure you are aware that i sold off close to 400,000 SGD of shares (Cash and margin) the last few months. Let's see how it goes!


  1. Unfortunately I doubt we'll get more than a 20%-25% drop in overall markets. Maybe up to -30% drop for some EM markets.

    Anyway I'm just monitoring for now, but ready to commit if intermediate sentiment reaches -ve extreme (far from it currently).

    1. yeah, let's see. Nobody can predict the future. 20% drop is good for me!


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