Why didnt you switch your electricity retailer????


I am sure by now there is a million article (Ok i exaggerated)  about this OEM but seems like the take up rate is still quite low. Why??

When i read this article , i was flabbergasted. Only 18% took the opportunity to switch their electricity retailer. Why?!? I thought the usual complain from Singaporean is the rising cost of living in Singapore?  Now we are presented with an easy way to cut your electricity cost by at least 25% or more (If you consider other rebates and referral), but most choose to ignore it ? Why? Is it because it is too difficult or time consuming to make the switch? I made the switch for myself and my parents and at the same time convinced my brother to do it in less than 1 hr. 

I highly encourage any readers of this post who hasnt done it to just make the switch, even if you randomly choose a retailer, the price is still much much better than SP. In anycase, i made my switch to Ohm energy using a referral code. It gives me 20 bucks rebate and the other person 20 bucks. The switch is really painless. It is easier than buying things online as long as you have all the paper work available (Which you should have anyway)

If you want to switch to Ohm and need a referral code, let me know! :)


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