Taking some money off the table: Sasseur

Perhaps it is a good time to take some money off the table. I've missed the chance for starhub and valuetronics, i am thinking of reducing my holding for the Sasseur now. It has ran up close to 12 percent for the last 2 weeks. The recent financial result was pretty decent. The yield at my purchased price is more than 10 percent. However, I think the price is most likely going to be corrected after XD.

Another worry I have is the very short WALE that Sasseur has. Lease of tenants worth up to 74% of revenue have their lease up in 2019! Which is this year! I cannot imagine what's going to happen if there is a change of tenant. Just like how cold storage is leaving Vivo and NTUC is coming in. That is going to take up to a few months for the new tenant to come in. I do hope the tenant will continue on with the lease with a higher rent!


  1. Congratulation!!!
    I am still holding on to it as i think after xD should still can maintain 75cents level...
    Both Maybank & DBS just updated their Target price to 90 & 97 cents...

  2. haha congrats to you as well! Yeah, ive seen the Maybank report but they conveniently left out the possible repercussions of the short WALE. Sounds like the analysts are not very concerned with it.

  3. I think Retail WALE are always quite short..
    Example: Capital Mall Trust (CMT) average WALE is around 2 yrs...

    1. Yeah perhaps, but 70percent of revenue in a year is abit worrying. Was hoping the management will shed some light on the progress of renewing these leases. But anyway, let us be happy for now!

  4. Many congratulations. Keep it up :-D


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