Happy CNY People & Jan'19 Portfolio Review

Happy CNY 2019 people! May everyone huat big big and stay healthy in the year of the pig! I am reasonably hopeful for this coming year. How about you? Been quite busy with adjusting my portfolio. I am happy that i am able to divest some part of Cromwell Reit @ a reasonably good price before it got screwed by the married deal. At the same time, im doing some decluttering, in terms divesting some part of CLT. A truly disappointing counter that i have purchased and held for a long time. Averaging down does not work here. In anycase,  i hope some form of M&A will happen for CLT!

Jan Transactions

1. Sold 65000 units of Cromwell Reit for $49660.
2. Bought 11000 units of CRTC for $15893
3. Bought 16000units of Far East HT for $10114
4. Bought 21000 units of EC Reit for $15171
5. Sold 25000 units of CLT Reit for $18313
6. Bought 28500 units of Sasseur for $18301

Retain $8796 for further investment.

Anyway, have a good one everyone. If you wish, you can have a look at my current state of my portfolio. Hyperlink below.

My Portfolio


  1. Glad to see another blogger buying Sasseur REIT... Gong Xi Fa Cai & HUAT AH!!!

  2. haha another BB spotted...

    Hope you have a Huat year ahead!

    1. Huat big big to everyone! No lah.. not BB. Will be happy to be one though. Haha. Huat ah!


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