Captain HindSight; Starhub and Valuetronics

"Should have seen it coming, should have read the signs. Anyway, I guessed it's over." As Westlife would sing. How apt. However, is it really over?

I went into the weekend abit dispirited. Starhub and Valuetronics announced the latest financial result this week. Man, the market didnt take kindly to it and got punished and tortured. I basically lost all 12% of capital gain on starhub and maybe 5% on Valuetronics.

I know from the start these  stocks are speculative for me. And the best part was i told myself to sell Starhub before the financial announcement. Alas, i didnt go checking the announcement date.  When i realised, it was already too late. It got punished 12% down. At that point of time, it was too late to sell. So essentially, starhub's profit plunged and decided that 4cts per quarter dividend is not sustainable (Which i know) but will plan to have at least 9 cts per year from FY19 onwards.

Valuetronics was not spared as well. Down for consecutive 2 days after announcement. I asked myself if the result is really that bad or the market is full of speculators and will dump at the first sight of seemingly bad news. Is this a sign of a major market correction coming as knee jerk effects becoming increasingly severe?

In anycase, i will continue to hold both stocks and treat them as divided stocks instead as they still pay more than 5% dividend at my purchased price. So it is not that bad.

As a growth investor (fortunately I'm not), i am really bad at it. Ive told myself i will sell away any growth stocks if it hits more than 10% growth. I must have the discipline. In the end, i didnt, for both starhub and valuetronics. Once again, it's a painful lessons learnt.

DBS is announcing coming Monday. I hope it is not a triple whammy!


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