Post Trump Trauma and Thoughts

Trump winning is like Brexit all over again. My eyes were fixated on the tv during the USA presidential election, thinking "Oh no..this is deja vu". At the same time i got a few friends who were really happy because they short the market.They were all like "Huat liao!" in the whatsapp group. Indeed, the market was a sea of red. Happiness for them was for that few hours during the votes counting. The market kinda pared the lost and the US market even rallied! I hope people closed their shorts in time.

Trump pulled off an amazing win. All the polls indicated Clinton to win. Something like Clinton 85% and Trump 15%. I guess main stream media has lost touched with the people on the ground, or voters are becoming "shy" although they want change. 

For me, i was hoping for a Clinton win as i want stability, and perhaps a fighting chance for the TPP to happen. However, i was also curious about what if Trump wins. With all the populist talks, how is he going to engage the world when he becomes the most powerful man on earth, and leader of the free world? I'm especially kaypoh about the mexico wall. In any case, i dont think it will happen. He will be the POTUS and his main goal should be to "make america great again". There is no fault in that. However,   I guess all his policies will be tempered some what. After all, the POTUS is not like the ancient king whose words are final say. I guess most people realised that, that's why the markets didnt really crash. 

However, my REITs portfolio swing from 10k profit to 20k lost within a week. I dont know if this is because of Trump or because of the imminent interest rate hike or the fact that Singapore hasnt walked out of the gloomy economy, plus no more TPP and China seems to be unhappy with Singapore for going against them with regards to the SCS issue. One bright spot was my purchase of the BHG REIT.  Too bad i kinda depleted my war chest, i wanted to buy more when it was 57 cents.

In any case, i dont think Trump will be too drastic during his presidency. If he really builds his mexico wall, im pretty sure China will be the first to approach Mexico and just imagine having a china army stationed right at the door step of USA. At the same time, whoever Trump neglects in the world, will become a potential ally for China. Not very sure if USA wants to risk that or not. If i can think of this, i am pretty sure those smart people around Trump will as well.


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