How much the local O&M players owed and Aunty Yellen

Started the day with the article "Cash up to ship out" on BT front page. As usual, my wife will read the low down of interesting articles to me while i drove the car. She was like "Swiber on the news again". I thought to myself, must be about how much they owe , how much the entire O&G owe again. It's more of a latter. I briefly look through it when i parked, cant help but shrudder at the thought of how banks happily lend out money without weighing the risk. This really reminds me of the 2008/09 banking crisis. Subprime loan was so delicious until it imploded. Greed just dont learn.

Anyway, i'm abit of a weird person as commented by my colleagues. Sometimes i just love to watch the world burn. I secretly hope the banks/government do not bail all these Companies out, i want to see what's going to happen. Logical side of me though, know that alot of people will be unemployed maybe including myself, so that's not very good. Plus, most probably the banks will not allow that to happen as what i said in previous posts. Music stop, game ends. 

During noon time, got a news flash that claimants against Swiber is now close to 200m USD. Why am i not surprise. Everyone is ganjiong now, better put in a letter of demand to register their claims! With the debt piling up, what do you all think of the chances of Swiber coming back strong? I would say maybe next to nothing? 

Meanwhile over the weekend, Aunty Yellen said "Case for interest rate hike strengthening" The FEDS have been tickling our balls for the longest time. That is good. This means most of the , if not all effects of interest rates hike have already been priced in to the Market. I was expecting a blood shed today for my pre-dominantly REITs portfolio. The lost turns out to be manageable. Happy! What do you guys think of this interest rates? When do you all think will happen?
Above table:Credits to Business Times


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