In the previous post, i was talking about throwing good money into the fire. I stopped buying shares for at least 3 years. Shut myself out from anything related to investment as i was worried that ill repeat the same thing again.

Towards the end of 2013, in the midst of job change and uncertainty in the industry, i got interested in property buying and REITs. As i was still within the minimum MOP of my current HDB flat, i decided to pay more attention in REITs which is somewhat similar to owning properties but more affordable as the initial financial outlay is not too much, depending on how many shares you want to buy. I refuse to pay ABSD for my 2nd property, but im also looking at ways around it..that's for another post next time.

 Although, information about Singapore REITs is  everywhere in the internet, i was lazy. So i decided to buy a book "Building wealth through REITS" by bobby jayaraman. I cannot say i remember everything mentioned in the book, but the whole concept of REITs seems quite easy to grasp.

I like the idea of investing in something you can see and "touch", a business which can be understood more easily than for eg, Companies in oil and gas. Just to give an example, a friend of mine is vested in the MCT REITs. He was telling me if he feels broke, he will go down to Vivocity and seeing the throngs of shoppers in the shopping centre gives him solace that he knows his investment is not about to go broke anytime soon. This can apply to all Retail related REITs. Of cause, it is not possible for us to just walk into any industrial warehouses because we are interested in the related REITs, but vacancy and occupancy rates are all published by the REITs financial reports.

I started buying into REITs exactly 2 years ago. (Well, almost. Jan 23rd 2014) . First buy was Suntec, 2nd was CRTC. And there was no turning back.

2 year later, now,  my portfolio is 200k worth with 7.1% yield.

I have a target that ive set for myself. Which is to achieve average of 7% yield with a portfolio in excess of 400,000 SGD in 2 years time. Or hopefully more. Only time will tell if i can achieve that. It's getting harder, and it doesnt help that my industry has been down for almost a year now and retrenchment is rampant.


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