First Post. 3 more days before CNY officially ends. So i guess, it's perfectly normal to say this. Huat ah! Everyone wants to Huat but no easy way. The 13.9 million toto concluded yesterday with 2 winning tickets. I bought close to 100 SGD of toto but my returns is next to nothing. Very jialak.

Abit of myself. I've been working as an engineer for almost 10 years now, since i first graduated from a local university. Mediocre grades. Comes from a very normal family. Born in the 80s. Married. Now staying in a 4 room flat. 

Ok, this is an "investment" blog, so i should talk more about my investment isnt it? I guess i should. Disclaimer: I got no advice for anyone , just my very own lazy thoughts.

Created my investment account at least 8 years ago, during the Lehmann Brother Crisis times. Learnt my lesson on what is trying to predict the market. Everyone was saying Lehman brother was too big to fail. Well, i put 50% of what i had then into shares just 1 day before Lehman brother collapsed. I was betting the government will not allow that to happen. My portfolio was slashed by at least 50% or more in the following months. Luckily i also knew two other important advices that i always hear from people. 

1. Buy shares from good quality companies

2. Dont panic

To say the truth, it was very hard not to panic, and im glad i managed to overcome it. I held on, and 2 years later, achieved breakeven and even manage to make some profit.  I realised i have the speculative nature in me which is not a good thing, IF coupled with laziness. If you do your home work and speculate, maybe you will get something positive. If not, most probably you will get burnt. Like me. This time for real. lost 30k SGD within 6 months.

1. Company ran into problem with the authority
2. Severe Competition
3. Blurred and unclear planning for the Company, by the parent Company.

Held the shares for 2 years, in the end got delisted. Stopped buying shares totally. Was very disappointed with myself. Throwing good money into fire. 

Guess ill continue in the next post. Need to go to the toilet. :x.


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