Life is so much easier when you just chill out.


Time flies! I have passed my probation. Not that it makes a big difference except that now I can take paid medical leave. 😂

If you are a responsible and hardworking worker, you need to look away now as I am planning to take a "scheduled" medical leave tomorrow, if you know what I mean. In anycase, I have finished what I have to do for the week, so I am not the bottleneck even though I am not at work.

So today is my friday. I am just chilling right now with the the kids and wife in bed, and a beer in my hand. It feels great!

When I was much younger, I met with colleagues who told me that everyone should max out their medical leaves. I was a little disgusted by their slacker mentality. However, these people are always happy, full of energy, looking younger than their age. Now I understand why, it's because they already have work/life sorted out. They know what they want in life. Work to live, not live to work.

I recently saw this phrase on social media.

"“The only people that will remember you worked late are your kids.”

This is so true. At work, you are only as good as your last major mistake. Nobody is going to say, poor you, you spent 15 years giving your life to the company, it's ok for you to make a mistake. It just doesnt work that way.

I am happy that I made the decision to take a 9 months career break to spend time with my kids and wife. Also glad that I didnt plunge right into it again but to take on something that doesnt take away what is important in my life.

Having said that, happy weekend everyone!

Just 1 question, do you all max out your medical leave? Or in local context, take medical leave to chao keng, eat snake (skive)? haha.


  1. To reply your last question, I don't max out my medical leave, though I make sure to claim all of the childsick leave given by government. :)

    1. yes! definitely use up all the childcare leave..though, sometimes dont want to use also difficult. Young kids fall sick very frequently.

  2. Not max out but like every 2-3 months take 1-2 days MC


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