2019 Aug Update

How's everyone? Seems like the market is still holding on quite well isnt it? All the trade war drama.  I have made some big changes to my portfolio in the month of august. Sold away some long term heartaches.

1. Hong Kong Land
2. Bukit Sembawang
3. SPH

1. Suntec ( A long time REIT I've held since 2014. Decided to part way as the dPU isnt attractive to me anymore. Also locked in capital gains of around 15%)
2. FCT (Rallied quite abit since the time i bought it in march 2019. Total gain+dpu is around 30%.)

I made my first foray into bonds just few days back. Grabbed myself 1 serving of UBS 4.85% Perp but through the secondary market. Well done my broker! Got it at a very decent price of 100.4. Seriously whoever is looking for a good broker. This is the guy. Friendly, non pushy, helpful, provides unsolicited advice all the time, for free. Workaholic as well which is a plus point. 


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